Third Party Logistics, or managed warehousing, provides companies with the ability to increase efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness through the outsourcing of the management of their supply chain. The Raritan Central and Pennsylvania & Southern are able to offer an extensive range of third party logistics and value added services both through our railroads and through industry-recognized 3PL partners. This includes the handling of inbound freight, customs, warehousing, fulfillment, distribution, and outbound freight. Third Party Logistics services are available at every industrial park we switch and can be utilized by companies large and small, providing an economic way to achieve a regional presence.

At the Raritan Central and Pennsylvania & Southern we can work with you to analyze your transportation network and find ways to improve efficiency, productivity, and cost. We can help identify a site from our four locations that will best serve your company's long-term strategy for growth. If you need specific services we can also help match you up with the 3PL partner whose expertise and infrastructure will help you to achieve superior customer service levels. Some of the logistics services provided by our on-site 3PL partners includes: warehousing, inventory management, small package, LTL, pick/pack sub-assembly, crossdocking, fulfillment, direct to store, haz-mat storage, drum and tote tank filling, import/export/customs, equipment/drivers, and supply chain engineering


Raritan Center - Edison, New Jersey

Gordon Logistics
96 Northfield Ave., Edison, NJ

Quality Warehouse & Distribution
100 Sweetwater Lane, Edison, NJ

Logistics Team
100 Blue Heron Way, Edison, NJ

58 Northfield Ave., Edison, NJ

Budway East
156 Northfield Ave., Edison, NJ

Heller Park - Edison, New Jersey

Superior Warehousing System, Inc.
20 Executive Ave., Edison, NJ

Transport Freight Services, Inc.
20 Executive Ave., Edison, NJ

Cumberland Valley Business Park -
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

H. C. Gabler
5128 Technology Ave., Chambersburg, PA

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