The Raritan Central and Pennsylvania & Southern are industry leaders in switching and terminal railway operations. For over 8 years we have provided customers with personalized services that fulfill the most demanding transportation needs. Our specialties include in just-in-time switching, transloading, warehousing, and storage-in-transit. Our operations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are centrally located within the largest consumer marketplace in the world – the greater New York and New Jersey metropolitan area. Close proximity to major interstates also allows us to serve the larger Northeast region from Washington, D.C. to Boston, MA.

At our railroads a focus both on the customer and the constant improvement of the quality of our infrastructure results in a level of service that is unequaled by larger carriers. We are committed to making a positive impact on the local economies where we operate by recruiting new businesses and helping existing ones to expand. Our diversified customer base includes food-grade warehouses, plastics manufacturers, chemical companies, and building products distributors.