At the Raritan Central and Pennsylvania & Southern Railways our extensive, modern infrastructure allows us to handle almost all commodities currently shipped by rail. This includes: plastics, paper, food grade, building products, and steel. Additionally, each railroad, depending on infrastructure, has the ability to handle certain specialty shipments such as automobiles, unit trains, or intermodal TOFC/COFC.

Plastics and Chemicals (All railroads)

We specialize in handling a full range of bulk and liquid plastics and/or chemicals carried in Flexi-flo cars, tank cars, supersacs, or containers. Restrictions or special precautions apply to haz-mat products, please call us for more details. Our plastics and chemicals customers benefit from reserved transload and storage-in-transit spots, on-site packaging and distribution services, and assistance in developing cost-effective routings from locations throughout the country.

Food Grade (All railroads)

Our 24/7 operations and on-demand switching services are ideally suited to accommodating perishable and non-perishable shipments. This includes produce, canned goods, dry goods, beverages, and 300 gallon bins carried in boxcars, reefers, or containers. Shippers and distributors can take advantage of the millions of square feet of food-grade warehousing, established distribution companies located on-site, and programs such as The Jersey Express, facilitating the routing of foodstuffs from Modesto, California to Edison, New Jersey.

Paper products (All railroads)

Paper grade warehouses, our own cross-dock, and on-site trucking and distribution give our railroads the advantage when moving paper products. Our railroads can handle paper rolls and skids, bulk recycled paper, and cardboard carried in both regular and high cube boxcars. Our sales staff can help develop cost-effective routings from both the Pacific Northwest and New England/Canada.

Building products (All railroads)

Our railroads meet the demands of the construction industry by handling a wide array of building products including board or sheet lumber, poles, timbers, cement, and rebar. These can be carried on centerbeam, bulkhead, and regular flat cars, and in gondolas, boxcars, and flexi-flo’s. Easily accessed reload areas, along with cranes, large fork-lifts, warehousing, outside storage, and cross-docking provide the infrastructure needed to quickly and efficiently position materials.

Steel (All railroads)

We can handle all sizes and types of steel and metal plates, coils, structural beams, and scrap metal. These can be accommodated on flat cars, and in gondolas, boxcars, and coil steel cars. Our reload areas include the acres of outside storage needed when reloading these commodities. Additionally, our Raritan Center operation features a 30-ton mobile crane to facilitate unloading and loading.

Unit Trains (All railroads)

Customers who ship large quantities at a single time can benefit from the infrastructure and location of our operations. Lengthy sidings and loading/unloading access from all sides allows our railroads to handle unit trains of up to 50 cars. Commodities such as grain, soybean, coal, minerals, and heavy equipment can be shipped and loaded or unloaded only 30 miles from the Port of New York/New Jersey.

Automobiles (All railroads)

With acres of available outside storage, secure facilities, tri-level auto carrier clearances, and easy highway access, our railroads are the ideal choice for loading or distributing automobiles. Our 24/7 operations and on-demand switching means that carriers will be spotted when you need them. Daily interchanges with Norfolk Southern or CSX ensures that your shipments will be on their way promptly.

Intermodal TOFC/COFC (Pennsylvania & Southern)

The Pennsylvania & Southern Railway offers intermodal shippers a competitive solution to their transportation needs. The development of the TOFC/COFC ramp in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania provides strategic location and convenient highway access, bringing the entire Northeast marketplace within easy reach. Contact us for more details.

Aggregates (All railroads)

Sand, gravel, rock, cement, and other bulk construction materials can be offloaded or transloaded from railcar to truck or lay-down areas. In Raritan Center we also provide the option of transferring to and from barges directly to railcar or truck via conveyor or crane.

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